ISSUE 1 – FALL 2014

Grand Preview Success. The incredible interest shown during Previews at The Sorrento prove demand is high for carefree elegant condo living in the Oak Ridges neighbourhood. Luxury lifestyle amenities, inspired suite designs and a prestigious location that has it all are the recipe for success at The Sorrento, where the beautiful designer-decorated Model Suite is open for tours.




Live The Sorrento Lifestyle. Those ready to downsize are discovering that The Sorrento offers the ideal choice. Love to travel? Experience the ‘Lock ‘n Leave’ lifestyle with no chores, no worries. Hate clearing snow? Just hand the shovel to someone else and enjoy all the amenities. It was all smiles at The Sorrento’s Holiday Party as purchasers were delighted to meet their new neighbours.



ISSUE 3 – APRIL 2015

We Are Almost 50% Sold Out Interest has never been greater. Suites are selling fast. In fact, we are sold out of 6 suite types already! For a limited time only there are some suites with up to $10K in FREE upgrades – see sales rep for details. There has never been a better time to buy – mortgage rates are at an all time low now.



ISSUE 4 – MAY 2015

Act Now For Pre-Construction Pricing The time to make The Sorrento yours is NOW. Come into the Sales Office while you can still get the suite you want, on the floor you want, at the pre-construction price you want. The Sorrento is now 50% sold and suites continue to go fast. Occupancy is slated for 2016. Don’t wait until construction begins this summer 2015 to make your move, as prices will go up.



ISSUE 5 – July 2015

You Won’t Miss A Thing Like to travel? You’ll love our lock-and-leave convenience. Enjoy your garden? Owners are welcome to a patch of their own. Have the family over to your spacious suite, to enjoy the pool, even throw a celebration in the Party & Dining Room with caterers’ kitchen. Chat with friends on the patio. Or walk to the local shops. Live at The Sorrento and you won’t miss a thing – you especially won’t miss the chores and upkeep!



ISSUE 6 – August 2015

SO SORRENTO… SO UNDER CONSTRUCTION The Sorrento is officially under construction. After a flurry of sales (23 suites sold in June and July) it’s full steam ahead at The Sorrento. Pre-construction prices are being held until August 31st. After that, PRICES WILL GO UP! So we urge you to visit NOW to choose your suite.



ISSUE 7 – September 2015

EXCITEMENT AT THE SORRENTO AS CONSTRUCTION STARTS! The site servicing has finished and construction is now well underway on The Sorrento condominium – and you can feel the anticipation. This distinguished project is popular and the neighbourhood is watching as this fine architectural statement rises in this prestigious Richmond Hill community. Come visit the Sales Office, tour our stunning Model Suite and be part of the excitement at The Sorrento.



ISSUE 8 – October 2015

THE SORRENTO IS COMING TO LIFE We’re proud of how quickly and beautifully The Sorrento is progressing. As the photos illustrate everything is looking wonderful – but maybe not so much for those who have been sitting back and haven’t bought yet. Don’t delay. As savvy purchasers know, pre-construction pricing is the lowest but that’s not the only reason to pre-buy ahead of construction. The other key benefit is the ability to personalize your new home to reflect your personal tastes. While not truly customized, you get pretty close to a custom home or suite. The time to buy is definitely now. Otherwise, there may not be time for you to customize in the coming months as construction decisions are finalized – hopefully not without you.



ISSUE 9 – November 2015

ON-THE-GROUND CONSTRUCTION UPDATE STRAIGHT FROM THE SITE! “There’s a sequence to construction and right now, we’re working on the underground structures,” says Michael Mazzotta, Project Manager at Armour Heights. Mazzotta reports that, following the recent downpour of rain, work is again pushing ahead as quickly as possible during the good weather. Pouring is underway on the P1 Parking Level footings and interior columns. The foundation walls are being completed and soon will come the first floor slab. “It’s like an orchestra,” Mazzotta says, “You need a good conductor.” Observers will begin to see construction starting to show above grade beginning in early winter. Stay tuned for our next Construction Report!



ISSUE 10 – December 2015

CONSTRUCTION AT THE SORRENTO HAS REACHED ANOTHER MILESTONE Our first floor slab has been poured and backfilling around the perimeter has already begun. “We’ve been lucky that Mother Nature has given us good weather for building over the past month,” reports Michael Mazzotta, Project Manager at Armour Heights. “Our entire team is focused on getting the Sorrento up and out of the ground for our new Owners.” Mazzotta says, “Many have dropped by the Sales Office now that they see the floor of their new home is taking shape. It’s an early Christmas present from us for them!” The construction schedule has big moments happening in the next month.



ISSUE 11 – January 2016

SORRENTO NEIGHBOURS CHRISTMAS SOCIAL What a wonderful turnout we had for our first Sorrento Christmas Social where everyone enjoyed getting together and meeting their new neighbours. A grand time was had by all; just a taste of the lifestyle that residents will enjoy in this unique condominium community. You can see the pictures below and we’ve put together a video for you too. If you can see The Sorrento in your future but you still haven’t purchased yet, don’t wait until prices increase later this year. Visit us at the Model Suite & Presentation Centre very soon, while there is still a selection of lovely suites to choose from.



ISSUE 12 – February 2016

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – SEE FOR YOURSELF Construction at the Sorrento is showing exciting progess. “I probably don’t have to tell our buyers about this month’s high point because they likely have seen for themselves that we have broken above ground”, says Michael Mazzotta, Project Manager at Armour Heights. But those who haven’t visited since the new year began, will be excited to hear that the fi rst above ground wall panels are going up. Drop by and see as the building comes out of the ground with the first floor walls. Don’t wait any longer… buy now and move in at the end of 2016!



ISSUE 13 – March 2016

HURRY IN FOR 2015 PRICING! Buy now while you can still take advantage of 2015 pricing – held over for a few more weeks! We’re facing increased construction costs due to the weakening of the Canadian dollar and, in addition, the government has just added new Developments Charges. We want you to be able to get in at the best prices possible so we have extended our current pricing – but we can’t hold them down for long. Visit the Presentation Centre and tour our designer decorated model today.



ISSUE 14 – April 2016

CONSTRUCTION’S MOVING FAST. SPRING IN NOW! Now that The Sorrento is over 85% sold, with our purchasers’ selections of their suite features and finishes now finalized, it’s all go on the construction front. “The weather has been interesting to say the least but it looks like at last spring will stay with us. Currently, we are working on Phase 1 where the first two floors are up and the third floor is now going up. We will follow this by Phase 2 where we’re on the second floor construction,” says Michael Mazzotta, Project Manager at Armour Heights. “Visitors to the site can see the progress for themselves now as the building is coming to life so beautifully.”



ISSUE 15 – May 2016

TIME TO THINK GARDENS The Sorrento will offer a communal garden, courtyard and landscaped grounds. In addition, residents will have patios, terraces and balconies. Lots of spaces to garden!

“Most condominiums do not consider a communal garden but I want to offer this at The Sorrento,” says Armour Heights President, Frank Mazzotta. “I believe the people who will live here will have a love of growing their own produce and enjoy a beautiful terrace and bright courtyards spaces.”



ISSUE 16 – June 2016

SALES OFFICE CLOSES JUNE 19TH FOR THE SUMMER Summer Closing starts soon so now’s the time to buy! The Sorrento Sales Office will close for summer starting June 19th. Those who are interested to purchase at current pricing must visit before we close, after which prices will increase. After June19th, all unsold suites will have their Colour Selections and standard Finishes specified by our professional Décor Centre staff for construction as per our schedule. The next time the sales office will be available to visit will be in the new Building in the Fall when we reopen.



ISSUE 17 – July 2016

YOU WON’T MISS A THING Make the move to The Sorrento and you won’t miss a thing. Like to travel? You’ll love our lock-and-leave convenience. Enjoy your garden? Owners are welcome to a patch of their own. Have the family over to your spacious suite, to enjoy the pool, even throw a celebration in the Party & Dining Room with caterers’ kitchen. Chat with friends on the patio. Or walk to the local shops. Live at The Sorrento and you won’t miss a thing – you especially won’t miss the chores and upkeep!



ISSUE 18 – September 2016

LOOKING GOOD! We don’t have to tell those who have visited that The Sorrento is looking fabulous. Now with over two-thirds of the building fully roofed, exterior masonry and brickwork
is moving along quickly on this magnificent building. Construction on the remaining section facing Bond Street is nearing completion!



ISSUE 19 – October 2016

LOOKING GOOD! It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. The Sorrento is nearing its final stages of construction – drive by and see for yourself! Most of the building is roofed and bricked with just small areas left to do. The roof is finished over the pool so pack those swim suits. Exterior masonry is nearing completion, and interior dry walling is well underway as is final grading on the exterior. We’re very pleased with both the progress and the result. The Sorrento is looking grand!



ISSUE 20 – November 2016

DON’T MISS OUT! We are down to the final suites! In fact, our Builder has instructed us to sell the Model Suite and we now have a coveted Capri unit back on the market. Several other 2 bedroom suites look into the courtyard with spectacular sunset views or over Bond Street with views of the moraine in the distance. We cannot stress enough that if you don’t want to be disappointed, now is the time to act!



ISSUE 21 – December 2016

‘TIS THE SEASON TO BUY The time to act is now before the busy Holidays! Prices WILL go up in New Year. Why pay more and risk losing out? Buy now before the Holidays.



ISSUE 22 – January 2017

CHEERS TO YOU! The Armour Heights team, led by the Mazzotta family, and the whole crew building The Sorrento gathered together over the holidays in the grand front foyer with its soaring ceiling for some festive cheer. To all of our Sorrento buyers, congratulations on your smart move and cheers!



ISSUE 23 – March 2017

ACT NOW OR MISS THE SORRENTO LIFE Because you are one of our VIP’s to receive our news, you are getting this advance information. This is your exclusive opportunity to purchase one of our last 3 suites at The Sorrento. The Builder will be releasing the last three suites to our VIP Registrants only, not to the general public or the broker community.



ISSUE 24 – April 2017